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Une école du pôle management Une école Inseec Grande Ecole

The Graduate School of Management

INSEEC, the Graduate School of Management that anticipates the world of tomorrow in order to train future managers.

Our Mission Statement

“To guide responsible future managers with a multidisciplinary approach to be able to think, decide, persuade, and carry out projects both at a local and global level.”

A message from the Director

Growing and uncertain complexity: faced with these two realities, the world of management is increasingly wondering which qualities and skills are needed.

Managers’ missions, demands and objectives have all changed. Companies and public bodies no longer require just good management technicians, but managers who are able to understand the world, anticipate how it will change and suggest credible alternatives that they can justify and bring into being. In order to achieve this, future managers must also be able to follow changes in society and in their professional environment and to constantly adapt their working methods and their vision of their own mission.

It is urgent that we address the arrival of Artificial Intelligence and place more emphasis on the human genius for knowledge and innovation.

It is time for a management school to meet these new requirements.
INSEEC Graduate School has chosen to offer a completely new educational model for future managers, who will find the right conditions to flourish throughout their professional lives.

The architecture of INSEEC Graduate School courses throws away the rule book with the objective of providing future managers with keys to understanding the world around them and with a sense of rational action. By mastering fundamental knowledge, you can begin to “learn to think” and to “learn to learn”, to break away from the repetition of old solutions and the obsolescence of technical ability.

INSEEC Graduate School courses aim to prepare students for their first job straight after leaving the school, but also for a second and a third job… because this is the new reality of every professional career.

Isabelle Barth
Director General
INSEEC Graduate School