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Une école du pôle management Une école Inseec Grande Ecole
  • Cursus Classic


– September to December Where?
– Paris, Bordeaux or Lyon campus
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Understand the major issues affecting the world – 13 ECTS
Major present-day philosophical, political, economic and social issues

Be able to work in a multicultural environment – 9 ECTS
Cultural openness, emergence and knowledge of otherness

Developing critical, independent thought – 8 ECTS
Develop a critical sense by acquiring methods and interpretative frameworks.

Become an expert, responsible and efficient manager – 6 ECTS
Initiation in management techniques and project management

Undertake and lead change – 4 ECTS
Legal, economic and social context for taking decisions and making changes

+ Collaborative work – 3 ECTS
Supervised Deep Education project on a transversal issue (±60h).

Placements & Missions

– From May to August Where?
– In France or abroad
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Stage en entreprise – 3 ECTSPlacement in a company – 3 ECTS
Minimum 10 weeks

Mission of social value – 3 ECTS
Minimum of six weeks between June and August: become a committed, responsible citizen by getting involved in a non-profit association, NGO or project helping others.

London Session

– March and April Where?
– London campus
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Global Challenges & Strategic issues – 5 ECTS

Multicultural issues – 5 ECTS

Critical Thinking – 2 ECTS

Mangement and Business Skills – 4 ECTS

Teaching innovations

– From September to May
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Great figures of management and social sciences and inspiring personalities: in partnership with the ADI (alumni network) and the Saint Germain preparatory class.

Learning expeditions to museums, shopping centres, etc. The best way to gain understanding of leadership, inequality between men and women, the history of industrialisation: look at and learn about the paintings and sculptures... that fill our museums.

Weeks set aside to explore and analyse the great events that have marked the history of humanity from an interdisciplinary viewpoint: what can we learn about the French Revolution or the Subprime Crisis by analysing them from a sociological, psychological, legal, economic and artistic viewpoint?

An ethnological mission in a company: go to explore a company in the same way Levi Strauss studied the tribes of the Amazon. Another viewpoint to help understand the world of work.